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Fibroadenoma is the most common benign or non- cancerous growth of the breast, predominantly found in young women

It usually presents as a breast lump and can sometimes be associated with pain. Although majority of the patients have a single lump, multiple lumps may also occur simultaneously

Fibroadenomas do not interfere with pregnancy and lactation and have no additional risk for malignancy

They can enlarge rapidly during pregnancy, breast feeding or when there is an increase of hormone influence

A fibroadenoma is usually diagnosed through clinical examination, ultrasound or mammography, and a confirmatory needle biopsy

All fibroadenomas do not need surgical treatment, only those that tend to grow or are associated with pain or with a suspicious biopsy need surgical removal. The surgery can usually be done as a day-care procedure. The scar is hidden around the areola so that it becomes invisible in a few months

Few fibroadenomas may grow rapidly or recur at the operated site, these may in fact be a different type of tumor called Phyllodes tumor. These should be aggressively treated by a breast surgeon