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Nipple Discharge Treatment

Nipple discharge is when fluid leaks from the nipple. It is a common condition that can occur in women as part of physiological changes

The causes of nipple discharge range from harmless to serious. If the discharge is spontaneous, occurs from a single opening/duct and if it is watery /blood stained it should be investigated

Nipple discharge associated with other symptoms such as a lump, skin or nipple changes always require investigation, even if the discharge is not spontaneous or blood-stained

Intraductal papilloma

A papilloma commonly presents as an abnormal nipple discharge, coming from a single duct and is usually bloody or watery. It can be single or multiple growths arising from the lining of the ducts. Papillomas do not usually present as a lump/swelling and are often missed on mammography and ultrasound. Treatment involves complete removal of the involved duct system for pathological evaluation and treatment

Duct ectasia

Duct ectasia is caused by thickening of the walls of the milk duct. The milk ducts get blocked and widen. These findings are commonly observed on ultrasonography, especially in the elderly. They usually do not need surgery or other treatment. In few patients, especially diabetics and smokers, duct ectasia can cause repeated infections resulting in chronic periductal mastitis